Helping Kids Tap Into Their Inner Power

About EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or Tapping, is an evidence-based stress reduction modality.  EFT utilizes the points used in acupuncture but uses gentle tapping with your fingertips instead of needles.  It is a form of energy psychology that creates calm within the body and resets the brain’s response to stress and other negative emotions. Tapping has been shown to increase self-esteem, positive emotions and resiliency. Once learned, EFT can be self-administered anytime, any place. By working with a skilled Practitioner, like Becki, kids will access and release their stressors and negative emotions, safely and gently.  EFT is a hands-on, easy skill that can be used throughout life, for all of life’s challenges.


Why EFT For Kids?

EFT offers kids of all ages a great way to take control of emotions and feelings that often feel out of their control.  Stress affects kids (and adults) in a multitude of ways including reduced memory, concentration and problem solving skills, as well as lower immune functioning.  Kids can use Tapping whenever they are struggling, be it at school, socially or even with sports performance.  Research shows that students who use EFT have reduced test anxiety, increased test scores, better attendance, better behavior, increased focus and attention, higher productivity and better sleep.  EFT gives kids the power to achieve happiness and health.


Services Offered