One on One ​Sessions


During these 60-minute sessions, Becki will meet with you and your child.  Using EFT, as well as other stress relief modalities, Becki will guide your child to find his or her best self.  She teaches you both how to tap, so it can be self-applied.  As a parent, you will find tapping beneficial, as well.  Our children pick up on the energy we give out, whether we want them to or not.  Becki’s gentle and compassionate approach allows both child and parent to feel at ease with the process. 


EFT is a self-applied modality, and working in conjunction with a practitioner, like Becki, allows for deeper emotional blocks to be uncovered, in a safe and gentle manner, so they can be processed and released.  Results are often felt immediately and are long-lasting. 


While EFT offers quick, lasting results, it isn’t a “one-time fix” and thus multiple sessions are encouraged.  Becki offers session packages to make each session more cost effective for you.


Three 60-minute sessions: $300

Six 60-minute sessions: $540

Ten 60-minute sessions: $850


When first starting care with Becki, a free 30 minute Discover Session is offered to gain insight into what your child is struggling with and what you both hope to achieve through meeting with Becki. 



Becki offers a variety of workshops, for kids and adults, throughout the year.  Please see (and like) her Facebook page for current offerings.  @RebeccaStevensEFT


Vision Board Experience Workshop

Perfect for goal setting, team building or even a fun night with friends, this 3 hour workshop allows you to tap into your creative side.  During the workshop, you will create a beautiful vision board of your hopes, dreams and goals. Becki guides you the whole way, making your vision board more effective and “do-able” by introducing different mind/energy exercises such as EFT, future Matrix Reimprinting and Right Brain Aerobics.  When you have tapped away your resistances, the possibilities are endless! 

Please contact Becki if you would like to set up a Vision Board Experience. 

$25/participant   (All supplies are provided.)


Everyone would benefit from knowing how to do EFT.  Kids that grow up using EFT have a lifetime tool to help them navigate all of life’s ups and downs.  Becki’s hands-on demonstrations will have you tapping away stress, limiting beliefs and pain in no time.  She has presented at many local schools, to students, teachers and parents.  A few weeks after one of her presentations, she ran into one of the participants (a 7th grader), who told her that since her EFT presentation he had been tapping everyday and it had changed his life. 

If you are interested in having Becki present EFT at your school (or other organization), please contact her.