What EFT Doesn’t Work On…

by Becki Stevens | Jan 10, 2017 


People always ask me what EFT works on…  I figured it would be WAY easier to tell you what it DOESN’T work on…

So EFT won’t work on, um, well… huh.  I really can’t think of anything EFT doesn’t help.


Well, Ok, we can’t change the Weather using EFT, but we CAN change how we react to it.


We can’t tap more Time into our day, but we CAN release self-sabotage so we become more productive and creative with the time we do have.


EFT can’t make your annoying co-worker find a new job, but it CAN change the way you react to said co-worker, by reducing the trigger effect that person causes in you.


Oh traffic!!  EFT cannot reduce traffic.  There. EFT doesn’t work on that.  Although, it CAN reduce the rage, the anger, the annoyance you feel when faced with that long commute.


The homework battle, ugh…  EFT doesn’t make the homework go away (Ha, now that would be a surefire way to get kids really into tapping!!).  Now tapping CAN do a number of things here… By using tapping, your child can release the frustration, the blocks and the anxiousness often associated with homework and studying. (Yes, EFT is an amazing tool for kids to learn!)  Using EFT can actually help them find new and creative ways to learn their material. Once the worry is gone, the door opens for learning to occur. PLUS, if they aren’t anxious and cranky, you won’t have the fight. But if you do, EFT will ease the frustration that their complaining triggers in you.


EFT can’t get your husband to bring home flowers tonight.  But it can help you find your voice, so you can communicate your needs in a clear, calm manner.


EFT can’t make your chronic knee pain disappear.  Whoa, wait a minute!!! It CAN make your chronic knee pain go away!!  Here’s a fun fact for you…”chronic pain is about 20 percent sensory, and the rest, the other 80 percent, is emotional.” [PsycologyToday.com] This doesn’t mean the pain isn’t real, because it is real, but your emotions are signalling your body to feel that pain.  Using EFT, you can release the emotions you have surrounding your pain. It is quite simply, amazing. Using EFT, the physical pain can be instantly reduced and once the emotion is released, the healing is dramatic. Your body has the ability to heal itself, naturally.


So by now, I hope you’re getting my point.  EFT is a tool that can be used on just about anything.  It is pain-free, non-invasive and works well with other traditional therapies and often time when nothing else seems to work.  And the best part is that once learned, you can do it yourself on day to day issues you encounter. Working with a practitioner, like myself, can help you tackle the deep limiting beliefs that are holding you back from enjoying life and finding success with your goals and dreams.

EFT can be transformational, that’s for sure, but it won’t work by just reading about it.  You have to actually do it. So here you go, I have lead you to the water, now it is up to you to drink it.