I worked with Becki as a college student navigating a particularly tricky part of my life. I was very sick with Lyme disease, and with Becki's help I made a lot of progress in navigating the emotional and physical toll it left on me. I also worked with Becki on more normal college student issues, such as problems in romantic relationships, conflict with family and overwhelm and anxiety from classes. Through my EFT sessions I learned new ways to cope and new thought patterns to boost my mental and emotional health. EFT is a tool I have used many times in my life and I truly believe in its incredibly transformative power, having experienced these types of effects myself.                   



When I started seeing Becki in early 2018 for EFT coaching, I didn't know what EFT was, but I knew I was stuck and unsure as to how to get unstuck. With Becki's EFT coaching, I learned the tools to help me identify and break down the mental barriers blocking my way. As an artist, I found the ideas flowed more freely and I started taking smart risks (instead of continuing to play small). For the first time, I did a 5 day outdoor fine art event. I taught a class at a well-known museum. I did more shows. I left my corporate gig to start my own consulting business. When I closed the books on 2018, I realized that by learning about EFT and applying the tools, with Becki's expert coaching, I increased my art sales revenues by 350%! In fact, as a result of working with Becki and the profound, life-changing impact that EFT had on me EFT, I became an AAMET-accredited certified EFT coach in December 2018. I highly recommend working with Becki, if you want to remove barriers and obstacles, in order to live your best life.


I cannot say enough about Becki’s competence and compassion in guiding me through some emotionally difficult challenges- through EFT and life coaching.  The techniques I was taught were especially instrumental in helping me deal with the pain of carpal tunnel surgery as well.  I will never forget how, in the midst of some pain in the 9-10 range on a scale of 0-10, I tapped and within a few seconds it was stunningly back down to zero.  Pretty amazing stuff that validates my belief in Becki’s work and the power of the body to heal itself.
D. B.

It gives me great pleasure to share that I regularly meet with Becki Stevens to help work out anything that may be causing my life from its most potential happiness. She is remarkably intelligent, so kind, inviting, gentle, uses no judgment and is highly trained with her technique. She was been able to peel layers off that I, aka- “Miss Smarty Pants”, never realized was keeping me from healing. Every time I leave your office I feel so much better. I am truly grateful and thankful for you Becki! Thank you!                         


I have had the privilege of working with Becki over the years and she is, hands down,  a master of her craft. She utilizes the power of EFT along with her depth of understanding the human psyche to assist her clients in getting “unstuck” and to heal. I am forever grateful for her.


My "tween" son started seeing Ms. Becki for sadness related to a sudden difficulty with friendships. From the start he has been comfortable sharing with her, and she was able to determine it was his anxiousness and related thoughts that were leading to his difficulty. She blends her professional style easily with her genuine care for her clientele. I love that he has skills to use to help get through the tough middle and high school years, and beyond. Tapping has taught him how to both name his emotions and tolerate them, which he had struggled with previously. And to my surprise, he even shared his tapping know-how with a friend he saw struggling.


Becki has helped me so much. I am 11 years old and have a specific phobia of throwing up. Becki has taught me some amazing strategies to help me calm down and not be so nervous. I like Becki so much because she really understands what I am going through and what I am worried about. I use the tools that she has given me all the time when I start to worry too much.


Now is more than 2.5 years later and I’ve been cancer free since I worked with Becki. I continue tapping on my own almost every day. I tap on stressful situations, for healing reasons, and for anything else. I like tapping, I find it effective. I’ve had incredible results. I love seeing Becki and sharing my latest tapping breakthroughs and I look for venues where I can continue tapping with her. She is an amazing practitioner and I would not hesitate to go back to her in the event of a new challenge that I could not tap myself out.