Test Procrastination

by Becki Stevens | Nov 21, 2017 

I’ve been taking a certification course on-line for Matrix Reimprinting. It’s fascinating to learn about this amazing addition to EFT.  I have one year to watch the required amount of videos and take the test. I signed up for this certification course after attending a weekend long Matrix Reimprinting course in New York City.  I fell in love with the technique and its ability to assist clients in releasing damaging emotions and self-sabotaging behaviors. I’ve used it countless times with my clients with amazing results.  I can’t wait to get my actual certification, to put it on my business credentials, to advertise this method.  

There’s one problem though.  My “year” is up in November. And apparently it is now November.  I’m not sure how this happened so fast, but here it is. I have watched all the videos, I’ve taken copious notes, I’ve used the technique over and over. I know the info and technique inside and out.  But I have NOT taken the test yet. Why? Well, I seem to have an influx of new clients filling my days. I’ve had sick kids with doctor’s appointments. I’ve had to cart those same kids to swim team every night that they don’t have the sniffles and wait hours while they swim their practices.  (Of course they practice at different times, so some nights I sit from 4-9pm!) I’ve had to make dinner. I’ve had to clean the house. I’ve had to go to meetings. I’ve had to write a blog post. I’ve had to…….   

Are you seeing a pattern?  As an advanced EFT practitioner, I see an absolute pattern.  It’s called PROCRASTINATION! And I know it is something I do every time I’ve had to take a test. I find something, anything, to do instead of taking the test.  

While I was training to become an EFT practitioner and then an advanced practitioner, I would wait and wait to take the test.  I remember my trainer telling me both times, to just “take the damn test!”. And here’s the kicker…I always did really well once I finally took the “damn test”.  So why am I having such a hard time clicking the button that says “Take Your Certification Test Now”??

Perhaps I should tap about this.  I should probably even dive into the Matrix and figure out the reason I put off taking tests.  I know both techniques would do the trick. I’ve seen EFT/Matrix help with so many kids when I work with them on test anxiety.  So why this self-sabotage? Why such procrastination? Why am I not tapping?? Enough, already!!

Tap, tap tap… Even though I am procrastinating about taking this test, I completely accept myself…

It’s fear of failure.  If I don’t take the test, I can’t possibly fail it.  Seems logical, in an illogical way. The problem is by not taking the test in time, I’ll have failed to get certified.  I want to get certified in Matrix Reimprinting. I really, really want it. So now that I’ve tapped about this fear of failure and released the emotion that has been sabotaging me, I can head over to the website and take the “damn test”!  The funny thing is, it doesn’t feel like a “damn test” anymore… It actually feels exciting.