Kelley discovered EFT in 2007 while living in India. She used EFT for several years personally and with her family. She was drawn to study EFT more fully and in the process met Becki. Kelley trained to the level of AAMET certified EFT practitioner and did see clients for a time, but she realized she is called to be a writer and so left the professional practice of EFT. She does still use EFT and finds it is highly effective to unlock blocks, relieve stress and help her to get projects completed. She is very proud to have been part of the writing of Tapped Out For College Students with Becki and has seen how effective EFT has been with her own kids during the stressful high-school and college years.

Kelley is now busy writing fiction under the pen name KD Pryor. You can connect with her at her writing website, Kelley is also an avid traveler and she started a business, Spirit Guided Journeys, LLC in order to organize trips to India, where her family lived from 2004 to 2008. She is considering adding Ireland to the trip itinerary. She and her husband just returned from two years in Galway, on the West Coast of Ireland. You can find out more about her travels and possible trips at

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