Journaling Resistance

by Becki Stevens | Aug 3, 2017 

I’ve never been able to get into journaling.  I don’t know why, but it has never been my thing.  And yet, my co-author and I have just created and are about ready to release a journal.  Why? Well, ours is different, that’s why. (Says every author out there…) Before I tell you more about what makes our journal different, let me tell you a bit more about my long standing journal avoiding journey…

I don’t think I had a journal or diary as a kid, aside from the occasional notebook with hearts around the guy’s name that I had a crush on at the time.  I remember thinking that my parents would be able to find it if I kept a diary. I’m not sure what would have been SO secret that I didn’t want my parents knowing, but I’m sure at the time, in my “good-girl” mind, just putting someone’s name in a heart was something I didn’t want to Mom or Dad to know about.  

At the end of my college career, I saw a therapist who really tried to encourage me to journal.  I went out and bought a pretty journal and kept it right on my nightstand. It sat there, all pretty-like, for quite some time before I even opened it.  Once I opened it, I remember sitting and staring at the blank page for what seemed like hours. I had no idea what I was supposed to be writing about. Finally I wrote a small paragraph about how stupid it was to journal.  That was it. I never opened it again. My therapist would mention it from time to time, even giving me ideas of what to write about, but I had some serious resistance going on about journaling.

When I was mentoring with a business coach, she encouraged me to journal each night.  She even sent me a beautiful journal, pen and matching sticky notes to help me get started.  She told me to write about 3 things each night, all based around the goals I wanted for my life and my new business.  I was to sticky note dates that held significance, like getting a client, or completing a specific task relating to my goals.  

I tried.  I really, really tried.  But those darn blank pages just would stare at me each night.  I think they may have even stuck their tongues out at me a few times!  Finally I started writing 1. (leaving space) 2. (leaving space) 3. (leaving space).  I had pages and pages of numbers and I felt good that I was getting organized. (Could I fill this in as a goal??)  But after I filled in a bunch of pages this way, I realized I was still missing the point. I couldn’t put as a goal, “put numbers on each page in journal” and expect it to boost me up.  

Finally one night, after talking about my struggle with my husband and doing some brainstorming, I was able to write down 3 goals.  

  1. Start and run a business without getting so stressed out that I became ill.  (This had happened with pretty much every job position I had ever had, so I figured this was a good goal.)

  2. Make enough money in my business so that my husband could retire early. (My husband really liked this goal.)

  3. Be able to travel, spend quality family time and have lots of clients. (Having only 365 days in a year didn’t necessarily apply in this goal.)


Those felt good to me.  Good goals, meaningful, important.  Done! I did it! I had written in my journal… Finally.

So I wrote those exact same three goals every night until I filled in every page that I had originally numbered.  Once I got to the end of the numbering, I simply stopped writing in the journal. I made excuses, too tired, too busy, I couldn’t write until I had achieved my goals, etc. etc.  Oh the resistance!!  

I think the goal of that particular journaling exercise was to set realistic, attainable goals and have them change on a regular basis.  Now, I have to say, there is value behind writing the same goals over and over. But you have to have the goals feel true and do-able. I did not feel mine were true, let alone do-able.  They just sounded good and who wouldn’t want them?!

So here’s the difference with our journal. It is a journal to help you reduce your stress, easily and effectively. It is set up in a way that guides you to examine your triggers of stress, the Emotions that are stirred up, where you feel the stress in your body and finally, how distressed you are feeling.  Then we show you how to use the amazing technique called EFT, or Tapping, to release that stress so you are no longer triggered in the same way. You have space to write about things that come up while you are tapping and how you feel after you have tapped. We walk you through the quick and easy process of EFT, so you can reduce your stress and get on with your life.  

If I had had this journal, I really think it would have helped me.  I could have worked on my resistance to journaling and so much more. I could have experienced the benefits of journaling.  In fact, what’s stopping me now? I now have the perfect tool! I’m taking care of this resistance to journaling right here, right now.  I’m off to Tap It Out!