How To Survive Freshman First Semester Grades

by Kelley Amrein | Dec 18, 2017 


First semester of freshman year is almost finished and you’ve survived – almost. Finally, a twinkling light is shining at the end of the academic tunnel. The holidays are here and you can pack up those textbooks, stuff your belongings in a suitcase, and head for home and a well-earned break. What a relief!

Unless – you’re worried about those first semester grades showing up in a few short weeks.

College is a strange place where new sources of stress abound and nowhere is that as evident as in the classroom, where Freshman Finals Frustration is a very real thing. While you may have exams and papers throughout the semester, university professors put a lot of emphasis on final exams. Even if you attended every lecture and took great notes, acing a major exam is tough. The final few weeks of school are filled with pressure, and if you walked out of one or more of your exams with the sinking feeling that you screwed up, the initial stress may be only beginning. Thoughts could swirl in your head for weeks, as you worry over the possibilities. What if you didn’t do well? What if the exam brought down your grade? Even one bad grade can impact your GPA. How will you explain it all to your parents? Or, you rationalize, maybe you’re worrying about nothing. Maybe everyone struggled and the professor curved the results accordingly.  Tossed into the mix may be the thought that you could have done more – that you may have spent too much of your time, umm, socializing. (In college?? No way!!)

If stress over grades is wreaking havoc on your mental state, take time out to tap. While EFT won’t adjust the grades you receive this time around, tapping can help calm your nerves. If the worst happens and you have some explaining to do, starting a conversation with your parents from a more relaxed place will only help all of you. EFT lets you release the stress so you can discuss rather than argue. Tapping also helps you to clear the negative emotions, allowing you to clearly see how you can go forward in a more positive way next semester.

In Tapped Out for College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT, we outlined our system for putting together your personal tapping session. I’m going to run through the four main components of our system below. Using the BESD is the easiest way to determine what you want to tap about.

  1. B is for Because or the situation that has triggered your response or emotion

  2. E is for the Emotion associated with the Because

  3. S is for any physical Sensations you notice due to the Emotions you’re experiencing

  4. D is for Distress, or the level of distress you’re feeling rated from 1 (low distress) to 10 (high distress)

Now is the time to take a moment to determine your BESD. Begin with a deep breath. You might want to close your eyes so you can focus on what’s really bugging you. When you rate your level of distress, use the first number that pops into your head. Once you’ve determined your BESD, jot down what you’ve discovered. You’re ready to tap.

Below is a tapping script I’ve created that you can follow as is. Use the words you find there or substitute your own words. Making the script personal to your situation will make it an even more powerful stress-buster.

  1. Because: Final exams were very hard and I don’t think I did well… I didn’t go to all the lectures… I may have socialized a bit too much… my parents are going to be angry

  2. Emotion(s): Stressed out and worried

  3. Sensation(s): I’m sick to my stomach when I think about exams and grades

  4. Distress: I’m at a 7 level of distress

KC: Even though I’m stressed out and worried because finals were very hard and I don’t think I did well, I accept how I’m feeling

KC: Even though I’m worried because I didn’t go to all the lectures and I know that didn’t help me… I socialized more than I should have… I’m sick to my stomach when I think I may have messed up this semester… I accept how I’m feeling

KC: Even though I’m stressed out and a little scared because I think I screwed up on my exams and my grades aren’t going to be so hot… I wish I hadn’t socialized so much…my parents are going to be so angry, I accept my feelings and I’m open to finding ways to lessen the stress and calmly deal with whatever happens

EB: I’m stressed and worried

SE:     I don’t think I did very well on finals

UE:     Some of them were super hard… it didn’t help that I missed a few lectures

UN:     I’m worried my grades will be bad and bad grades mean a bad GPA

CP:     I’m worried because I know my parents are going to be angry if I messed up

CB:     I hate to let them down… hate to let me down

UA:    My parents have so much invested in my college education

TH:     I know they only want me to do my best… I don’t think I did

EB:     I feel so stressed… I want to do better too

SE:     I feel sick to my stomach when I think about the lectures I missed

UE:     I spent too much time socializing and not enough time studying

UN:     I wish I could change the way I handled last semester… this is not a great start to college

CP:     I’m feeling stressed, worried about my parents’ reaction if my grades suck… how do I 


CB:     I don’t think all this stress and worry is going to help me talk to my parents and figure out 

          a solution

UA:    Maybe it’s better to release the stress so I can more easily find new ways to handle 

          classes and grades in college

TH:     I’m open to releasing this stress and worry so I can go forward and make better decisions 

          next semester

Continue tapping all the points until you feel a lessening of your distress. Once your level of distress has reached a two or below, tap the last line of the script on all of the tapping points to end your tapping session on a positive note.