Frequently Asked Questions

Does Becki work with adults too?

            -Of course!  EFT is a great tool for everyone, young and old.  She has worked with clients as young as 3 and as old as 78.  When it comes down to it, we could all use some guidance with the things we struggle with and the beliefs we have that trigger us.  And, at the heart of all of us, is our inner child who just wants someone to listen and help them.

Does EFT hurt?

            -EFT is painless to administer.  In session and on your own, you will be gently tapping the specific points with your own fingertips.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

            -Matrix Reimprinting is a technique that takes EFT a step further.  Becki expertly guides you into a specific memory from your past. In the memory, you work with your younger self, using EFT and imagery, to “rewrite” a happier ending to that story.  This, in turn, rewires your brain to react differently to the triggers, the beliefs, and the rules that the event had created.  Matrix Reimprinting can also be useful in setting and achieving goals by utilizing the knowledge that a future self can offer. 

How will I feel after an EFT session?

            -Becki suggests that all her clients be understanding and compassionate with themselves after a session, as their energy continues to shift.  Everyone reacts differently.  Some people feel energized, some feel a little tired.  By far, the majority of clients leave feeling relaxed and positive.  It is helpful to stay hydrated after any type of energy work, so drinking water is important.

Can EFT be done in public?

            -Absolutely! Becki shows all her clients how to tap so that other people won’t notice.  This allows them to tap anytime, anywhere. Students find this form of tapping especially helpful while they are taking tests and giving presentations.  EFT allows them to calm the nervousness and worry.  This clears their mind, allowing for the problem solving and quick thinking they need to attain success.