EFT: It’s a Little Like Magic

by Shannon Amrein | Feb 2, 2018

We would like to welcome guest blogger Shannon Amrein to EFT Books for You.  Shannon struggled for years with Lyme disease and her post shares her journey and the role EFT played in her healing. You can find more information about Shannon’s healing process at her blog,  Defeating Lyme Disease. Shannon has also been published in the online publications Her Campus and WayUp. 

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a tool that I have used for several years to work through stress, illness, emotional blockages and more. After my freshman year of college, my mom, Kelley Amrein, co-author of the Tapped Out books, started using EFT with me when I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. We started using it to clear emotional blockages that were affecting my mental and emotional outlook, so that I would have more energy to devote towards getting healthy. However, as my illness progressed, so did our tapping. Chronic Lyme disease, as I’m sure is true with any chronic illness, starts to eat a person up from the inside out, both physically and mentally. As I watched my body weaken and lose the ability to do the things I wanted from it, I began to mentally doubt my ability to heal. That’s where tapping came in. After many false starts, where I tried to tap on this disbelief, I decided to focus on one little thing at a time. Tapping works like a game of Jenga. You start with the small problems, the blocks that you can easily pull out without toppling over the tower, and slowly and carefully work up to the bigger problems, the blocks that might topple over the whole structure. However, the end goal with tapping is different from Jenga, because eventually, you want to topple the whole structure over. Toppling the structure means that you’ve won the game, you’ve worked through your issue and you’ve released it. First, I tapped about the pain. Lyme disease affects the nervous system, the joints, the internal organs, the brain, the skin. It attacks everything. With this comes chronic pain as the body fights the infection overtaking it. My skin was on fire and it hurt to be touched, and even a comforting hug was too much. My joints and muscles felt as sore as if I’d run a marathon while shivering from the worst flu chills you can imagine. I tapped about the pain, sometimes for hours, and I would feel the energy rolling off me, vibrating in the air around me, releasing the pain. And it worked. I tapped about the pain daily and eventually, I started being able to move without pain. Next, I tackled the fear. I worked with Becki Stevens, co-author of the Tapped Out books. I feared never recovering, simply withering away until there wasn’t me anymore and the Lyme disease won. I feared being outside, I feared the grass and the trees because they might harbor more ticks that could bite me and make it all worse. I trusted pavement and sidewalks a little more, but not entirely. I trusted the water because ticks can’t swim. But I trusted nothing else. So, I tapped on the fear, sometimes alone, and sometimes with an EFT coach. Slowly, I began to venture outside more. More and more blocks began to fall. I tapped about my feelings of inadequacy, of being the odd one out, of feeling abnormal, of losing my identity to this illness. Slowly, slowly I worked through it all. Eventually, I reached a pivotal moment. The block that could topple the whole structure. Working with a new EFT coach, I tapped about illness and about holding onto it as protection. And as incredible as it sounds, I released the Lyme disease and toppled the tower. This story is particularly long, and I’ve already written about it, so if you’re interested in the full story, here’s a link to read it: https://defeatinglymedisease.wordpress.com/2016/09/09/how-i-became-healthy/. EFT is a process that creates major change if you stick with it. As I said at the beginning, I’ve used EFT to work through many things. I’ve tapped my way through bad tests, stressful semesters, breakups, fear around new situations and people, indecision about my future, and more. Inarguably, the most amazing thing EFT has done for me has been to restore my health. This should serve as an example of the true power of EFT as a tool to help improve your life. EFT is not a solution that will deliver a magical change without some work, and it’s not always easy, but it’s uniquely rewarding. With EFT, you can dive in deep and really get in touch with your emotions, your fears, with anything holding you back. And with EFT, you can resolve and let go of these things once and for all, so I guess in some ways, it really is a little like magic.