EFT for Parents: Tapping it Out When your kid’s Going to College

by Kelley Amrein | Jan 10, 2017

Parenthood is filled with stress. Your kids demand your time, your attention, and your love. And as a parent, you want to give them all of that and more. You also know how wonderful and overwhelming parenthood can be. You’ve probably had many roles as a parent, including caregiver, mediator, disciplinarian, and role model. You’ve set expectations, demanded follow-through, discussed and debated rules and learned what battles to pick and what ones to let slide.  You’ve provided support in times of pain, both physical and emotional. Of course, you’ve lost countless hours of sleep from birth to just last weekend, when your child missed curfew. You’ve met all these challenges and many more, happy to be a part of the growing up process, proud of this young person you’ve parented. And then comes senior year of high school, and you know it’s all about to change.

I remember when my oldest, Andrew, left for his freshman year of college. On the pre-dawn morning when he and his dad left to drive the 1,700 miles to school, I felt like a part of me had died. During his senior year of high school, I’d struggled, as I realized that my son would be leaving and my life would be changing. Eventually, my emotions calmed as Andrew settled into college and life at home became normal in a new way. This year, my third child is a senior in high school and my daughter is about to graduate from college. While it’s still stressful when the kids leave home, I have better ways to handle that stress. Enter, EFT.

If your young adult is a senior in high school, you may be feeling some of the same intense emotions about your kid leaving home. You may also encounter many other emotions and stresses as you facilitate the college application process, which can feel like a full-time job. Then, there are the outside scholarship applications, the FAFSA forms required for loans and grants, any extra essays your student has to write, and finally, simply getting your kid to graduation. By the end of senior year, you can feel physically exhausted and emotionally worn out.

Tapped Out for College Students has lots of great scripts for your kids. But how about you? Well, below is a script designed for you, the parent of the awesome individual who has grown up and now seems to think he or she can change it all and leave. (Of course, you want them to but still…) This place in life can be hard, time-consuming, overwhelming, frustrating, and sad. But it can also be a joyful time to share the excitement your student is feeling as they embark on a new adventure. It’s definitely a time to feel pride and joy in your remarkable young adult. Use this basic script to tap out your stress so you can approach senior year of high school, and all the challenges it brings, from a place of calm and balance. Be sure to add in any specific emotions you are feeling.


KC:  Even though I’m overwhelmed because my kid is a senior in high school and is heading to college next year… there is so much to do… college applications… making decisions… graduation… my head spins just thinking about it, I accept myself.

KC:  Even though I’m overwhelmed, stressed, with too much to do before my kid heads to college… where did the time go… how did he/she grow up so fast… and how will we get all this done by the deadlines… it’s all so much that I feel stressed out and my head is spinning, I accept myself.

KC:  Even though I’m stressed, overwhelmed and even sad because my high school senior is graduating this summer… he/she is heading off to college next fall… there’s so much to do with applications and decisions… and I can’t believe he/she is actually old enough to go away… it makes me sad to think about, I accept myself.

EB: I’m so stressed out because my son/daughter is a senior in high school

SE: He/she will be heading to college next year and there’s so much to do

UE: Applications, deadlines, decisions, graduation… it’s all so much

UN: My head spins thinking about it all

CP: On top of all of that, I’m sad because he/she is leaving home

CB: I’ll miss having her/him around the house… it will be strange without them home

UA: It’s all very stressful, overwhelming and sad

TH: All this stress, the feeling of overwhelm… my head spins with it all

Continue tapping through this script until you feel a lessening of the intensity of your emotions. Be sure to change the words to better fit your situation if some part of the script doesn’t sound right for you.