You Don’t Want to Go Back to College

by Kelley Amrein | Jan 18, 2018 

You don’t want to go back to college. Holiday break is over. The carefree weeks of vacation are at an end. Perhaps you thought you’d be ready to get back to campus after break, but now that it’s time to leave, you’re not.

If you’re feeling stressed about returning to campus, give EFT or Tapping a try. The following script has been adapted from our book, Tapped Out for College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT. The script is in two parts. The first round of tapping is designed to help you release the stress you are feeling about returning to college. Tapping brings clarity, helping you to pinpoint exactly where your feelings stem from. After tapping through the first script you may discover that you don’t like college in general. You may find that you like going to university but you don’t like the school you chose. You may realize that what you’re feeling is simple homesickness. Or, you may discover something totally different that’s stressing you and causing your negative feelings about returning to school.

Once you’ve gained your insight into the reasons why you don’t want to go back to school, it’s time to use script two to release the new emotions you’ve uncovered.

Follow the steps outlined below before you start tapping. The scripts provided are guidelines. Tap using my words if they apply to you, or feel free to substitute your own words. Your words will make the tapping personal and more effective.

In Tapped Out for College Students: Stress Relief Using EFT, we outlined our system for putting together your personal tapping session. I’m going to run through the four main components of our system below. You can also find the steps on the front page of our website. Using the BESD is the easiest way to determine what you want to tap about.

  1. B is for Because or the situation that has triggered your response or emotion

  2. E is for the Emotion associated with the Because

  3. S is for any physical Sensations you notice due to the Emotions you’re experiencing

  4. D is for Distress, or the level of distress you’re feeling rated from 1 (low distress) to 10 (high distress).

Now is the time to take a moment to determine your BESD. Begin with a deep breath. You might want to close your eyes so you can focus on what’s really bugging you about heading back to campus. When you rate your level of distress, use the first number that pops into your head. Once you’ve determined your BESD, jot down what you’ve discovered. You’re ready to tap.

Sample Script One:

  1. Because: I have to go back to college and I really don’t want to

  2. Emotions: Stressed and Sad

  3. Sensations: Choking feeling in my throat, crying

  4. Distress: 7

KC:  Even though I’m stressed and sad because I have to go back to college soon and I don’t want to… I feel a choking sensation in my throat and it makes me cry to think about going back to college, I accept all of my feelings. (say three times)

EB: I feel so stressed and sad and it makes me cry

SE:      I don’t want to go back to college

UE:     But I have to go soon… sooner than I’d like

UN:     I feel sad… choked in my throat… when I think about going back to college

CP: I don’t want to go back to college and I cry when I think about it

CB: I feel very stressed and sad

UA: I don’t want to leave… don’t want to go back to campus

TH: I’m feeling so sad, so choked up… crying when I think about going back to college

Tap through this script once or twice and pause to re-assess your level of distress. Also notice if you’ve gained clarity as to why you don’t want to go back to college. Continue to tap on this short script until your level of distress drops to a 2 or below. Once your distress has decreased and you’ve hopefully hit upon the reason you’ve been stressed and sad, continue to script two.

Sample Script Two:

  1. Because: I don’t like the college I’m attending

  2. Emotions: Anxious, frustrated, and unhappy

  3. Sensations: Choked up, crying

  4. Distress: 8

KC:  Even though I’m anxious, frustrated, and unhappy because I don’t like the college I’m attending… I’ve realized I really can’t stand the place… I wish there was some way to get out of going back there because I really don’t like it, I accept how I feel. (say three times)

EB:     I don’t like the college I’m attending and I really don’t want to go back

SE:      I’m anxious and frustrated when I think about going back

UE:  I still feel choked up and I want to cry thinking about going back

UN:     I think I need to talk to someone about how I feel

CP: I haven’t wanted to upset anyone so I’ve kept my feelings to myself

CB: But I can’t finish the rest of college feeling like this

UA: It’s too hard to feel this way

TH: And college is too much to handle if I’m upset about being there

EB:    I need to tell my parents how unhappy I am and how much I don’t want to back

SE:      I hope they aren’t mad at me

UE:     I’m open to finding a solution with their help

UN:     I’m open to doing whatever I need to do to make it work

CP: I’m open to the possibility that my parents will understand how I’m feeling

CB: I choose to trust that there is an answer to this problem of college

UA: I choose to believe that my parents and I can come up with a solution together

TH: I choose to make this process easy and calm and to allow it to work out for my best good

Tap through this script until the intensity of your distress lessens and then try tapping all the points one final time while repeating the last line.