I Can’t Get Motivated for This Semester

by Becki Stevens | Jan 22, 2018

Going back to college after the mid-semester break can be exciting.  Maybe you have a class that you’re really looking forward to taking this semester.  But maybe you’re not looking forward to getting back to classes at all. Perhaps you realize that this semester you’ll really need to buckle down and study more than you did last semester or you just don’t have any classes that are grabbing your interest.  Just the thought of all the work ahead of you in the coming months may overwhelm you. You probably want to crawl into bed, pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep until summer. The motivation you need for the next semester seems to be elusive.

This is a great time to use EFT to help you get motivated.  When we feel unmotivated about something, we need to look a little deeper and see what the emotion is that we are avoiding. 


Begin by taking a deep breath releasing it slowly. Close your eyes and tune into what it is about the next semester that is making you so unmotivated, perhaps what you may be avoiding. Where are you feeling it in your body and what is that emotion that you’re avoiding? How big is it?

Fill in the BESD with your words, or use the words I have supplied.  Remember, this is YOUR tapping session. Make it yours by really speaking your truth.  Just let it all out and you’ll feel better.

  • Because: I can’t get motivated for this semester…it will be so much work

  • Emotions: Overwhelmed, anxious

  • Sensations: Heavy weight on my shoulders…sluggish

  • Distress: 7

KC: Even though I can’t get motivated for this coming semester because I’m overwhelmed and anxious about all the work I’ll have to do…My shoulders feel so heavy, but I still accept myself. (Repeat this 3 times.)

EB: I can’t get motivated

SE: There will be so much work to do

UE: All this overwhelm and anxiousness

UN: I feel this heavy weight on my shoulders

CP: I feel so sluggish

CB: It’s weighing me down

UA: I have no motivation for this semester

TH: It’s going to be so much work…it’s overwhelming thinking about the months ahead

EB: This unmotivated feeling

SE: I need to go to classes…it will be more work if I fall behind

UE: All this anxious overwhelm

UN: I’m open to releasing these feelings and finding motivation

CP: This weight on my shoulders

CB: Maybe this semester won’t be so bad

UA: I’m open to releasing the overwhelm…the weight on my shoulders

TH: I’m open and ready to get motivated about this semester

Continue tapping through this script, changing the wording so it fits you.  This may mean you start out following the script but then as things shift for you, you change the wording. Stop occasionally during your tapping and breath deeply, assessing how you are feeling.  If you are having trouble getting your distress level to drop, take a deeper look at what is making you feel unmotivated. If last semester was a struggle, you may want to tap about how that felt.  Tapping on an event is a great way to release negative emotions and beliefs that have formed in your mind and body.